Propaganda als Dokumentation getarnt

Woran erkennst Du, daß hier etwas faul ist?

Genau, unser lieber Guru wird mißbraucht (oder hat sich kaufen lassen), um das wirklich wichtige Thema „Rette den Boden“ im Sinne des WEF zu propagandieren. Ohne Frage müssen wir unser Verhalten ändern und bewußter und sorgsamer mit unseren Lebensgrundlagen (Luft, Wasser und Erde) umgehen, aber sicher nicht im Sinne des WEF.

Das WEF (Weltwirtschaftsforum) ist lediglich ein privater „Verein“, welcher (leider recht erfolgreich) versucht, seine eigenen Interessen der gesamten Weltbevölkerung aufzuzwängen – guckst Du:  You vill eat ze bugs!”

This is a statement often seen on 4chan’s ‘/pol’ board whenever they talk about Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. For some reason, the unelected Schwab thinks he can dictate how we are all going live. Oh, I almost forgot—his organization works with global corporations to fund his carefully groomed candidates. His ‘young leaders’ are then installed in ‘democracies’ around the world. Voters then unwittingly cast their ballots for Schwab. He pulls the strings on people such as Macron, Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, and many politicians here in America. They are the ones who carry out Schwab’s globalist agenda.

That agenda includes the end of fossil fuel energy. The globalists want it replaced with their failed ‘green’ energy. They also want mandatory vaccination even though those vaccines have been proven to be unsafe and ineffectual. Schwab said ‘’Nobody is safe until every last one of you is vaccinated!” Does that sound imperious or what? His statement is an absurdity and not based in science. Still, the globalists control science and they can make any outrageous claim they want in order to further their own power.

That power includes controlling our food. Bill Gates has bought up 269,000 acres of farmland. The globalists are starting to outlaw fertilizer. They are disrupting the supply chain. They control water supplies. They want the end of real meat because they say cows emit too much methane—and that’s a threat to the climate. Yes, their climate change card is always played when they want to seize more power.

So don’t be surprised to see the prices of real food skyrocket while at the same time there will be less and less of it on supermarket shelves. It will be replaced by insect protein and fake meat from Bill Gates.

Klaus Schwab’s predictions for the future: “You will own nothing and be happy.” Also, “You vill eat ze bugs!”

Schwab and his comrades are determined to inflict that dystopian future on us all.

Ben Garrison

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